I started wearing one yesterday.

Three genres of political punditry have dominated my reading these past few days.

One is simply the oh-no-we-are-doomed genre: an inevitable and necessary expression of grief and terror, mixed with dire prophecy. I would like to be able to dismiss this genre, but it is too compelling and too real at the moment.

Another is the what-went-wrong-Dems? genre, which from my POV offers a cocktail of toxic, recriminatory finger-pointing, brutal HRC and DNC-bashing, and my-left-is-lefter-than-your-left self-righteousness. Again, I would like to be able to able to dismiss this genre, but mixed into that cocktail are also important points and a potential path toward self-understanding. The case made against Democratic Party neoliberalism and Clinton-era centrism is, I believe, too strong to ignore. As much as I resent, say, Thomas Frank calling HRC a mere party hack, the larger point about the Dems losing because they neglected the call for economic justice is, again, just too real to brush aside. (I may come back to this genre here, or at least provide a link list of examples. Not today, though.)

The third genre, and the one I’ve been happiest to share, is articles that offer progressives some concrete alternatives to grief and anger, in the form of lists of organizations and causes to support. These have helped focus me and lift my spirits, and I share two of them here:

Slate on channeling anxiety into action:


Jezebel on pro-women, pro-immigrant, pro-environment, and anti-bigotry causes:


My thanks to friends and colleagues for sharing these with me via Facebook. Consider this the first post in an ongoing survival guide.

Oh, and one more thing: support the ACLU!


Photo by Julia Wick for LAist


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