Checking in:

I’m in a dark place today. It’s hard to be angry, grieving, and frightened at the same time. To hold onto hope in such a place is harder still.

To hold all those feelings in balance when you’re physically wretched — I mean sick, literally, as I am this morning — feels just about impossible. I have a lot of work to do today, and I’m not looking forward to it. There is a roiling black cloud over my shoulder, and I see mostly darkness. As I said, a hard place.

Meanwhile, anti-Trumpism protests continue around the country. That makes me glad. It’s not like me to embrace a slogan like #NotMyPresident, because I respect the office and the electoral process, with all its flaws. It’s hard for me to take a stance that questions or negates the accustomed process; as a traditionalist and moderate, I believe in the rule of law, peaceful transitions of power, all that. But in this case… I think I’m going to have to learn some new tricks.

So: #NotMyPresident.

Here are two fierce, almost apocalyptic editorials that may help explain why I see so much darkness and why I’m moved to depart from my usual moderate stances. One is by David Remnick for The New Yorker:

The other is by Clara Jeffery for Mother Jones:

That’s all I got today. I’ve got to go to work.


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