My wife and I are both teachers, she in K-12, me at University. Today each of us, at our respective jobs, got emails from administration advising us of students and community members in distress. In particular, students from immigrant communities who may be (or whose family members may be) undocumented are expressing uncertainty, terror, trauma. Anecdotally, I can say that a number of my colleagues (both locally and nationally) have reported spending class time today helping students express and deal with their distress. Tearful, frightened students in some cases.

At my school, the office of University Counseling Services has scheduled special counseling hours and is in the process of setting up other emergency services. This has become a public health issue for us; concern about the emotional well-being of our undocumented students and other community members has become part of the atmosphere. Already. It’s all we can do to help respond to this climate of terror.

People are being hurt by this in my workplace, before my very eyes.

The Trump campaign has promised to work on mass deportation of undocumented immigrants as early as its first 100 days, and Donald Trump has envisioned deporting as many as 2 million people. He has also threatened to pull federal funding from Sanctuary Cities such as L.A.

This is domestic terrorism.


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